Wednesday, August 3, 2016

1st day of 4th grade

Summer has come and gone (to quickly)! Maclane is starting the 4th grade. It will be a big year for her. She will change classes and have several teachers. She will also get her own locker. Can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is a good girl and a light to all those around her. 

Last few days of summer

Its the last few days of summer. I am going to miss having my girl home with me everyday and making me laugh (and making messes). She has been by my side everyday for months and I will miss staying in our pjs until 10, meeting daddy for lunch and cuddling a lot. Its beautiful and sad to watch her grow up. 

Skyler and I enjoyed a peaceful evening at the temple recently. 

Skyler has been very motivated in his workouts lately. He does Beast Body inside then goes outside and walks while pulling a tire and lifting weights. Our neighbors love watching him and always stop to cheer him on when they see him. I think he has inspired everyone...including me.

What usually happens during family movie night. Maclane had a fun time laughing at us and taking our picture. 

Soaking up the last few days of summer at the splash pad with cousins. 

Beautiful artwork & our backyard

Beautiful drawing by Maclane

Our backyard is like a mini wildlife sanctuary! So far we've had bunnies, frogs, lizards, snakes, turtles, coyotes and lots of birds.

Skyler found this pretty bird's nest. I love it!!!

My favorite rose bush in our backyard. Makes me happy when I see it. :)

Swimming & Slip-n-Slide

We've spent lots of summer days at the pool. Listening to music and swimming our hearts out. Even Amelia joined in. (smile) 

For the 4th of July Skyler made a slip-n-slide for the kids. Daniel and Logan loved it and Skyler was so sweet to play with them. 

Tennessee Aquarium

We had the best day visiting the Tennessee Aquarium with our good friends! It was my 1st time to go. Some of the highlights were the butterfly garden (my favorite), the river otters, the penguins, seeing the sharks and a picnic lunch by the river. 

Maclane's Dance Recitals

We sure are proud of Maclane for performing in front of a huge audience!!! She did amazing and even blew kisses to the audience. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Arkansas & Oklahoma

This year for our family vacation we decided to visit family. Skyler loves the town his parents moved to and it was only 2 hrs from my brother. So it made perfect sense to go visit. Skyler was is a beautiful place and I loved the area. 

Future photographer at the Wildlife Sanctuary in the Ozark Mountains.


We were lucky to ride this restored old train through the city and mountains. It was so beautiful and Maclane and I's 1st train ride. The bathroom was broken so we got to jump onto the other cart while it was moving. Reminded us of the movies. So fun!

On to Oklahoma...

We loved getting to spend time with cousins and miss them already.

 I was able to take a few family photos of my brother's beautiful family. I sure love them!!!